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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Story #1

This blog is about the story behind my 1st poem 'LOVE STORY' let us begin our journey of story+poem..

Different is my love story,
But I have something to worry..

Mine was the love at first sight,
But it did not made my future bright..

Together everything we shared,
In the end she did not cared..

Enjoyed in all the known garden,
Scoldings I got from my warden..

She was to my life a divine boon,
She told 'marriage will be our very soon'..

Smile on face with eyes filled with tears,
Sorrows and scoldings in the end I have to bear..

She was to me everything,near and dear,
'I hate you',in the end I had to hear..
It was by accident or you can say by chance I became a poet.I never thought that I would be writing poems in my life.Sometimes situation make us do things which we never expect.Sometime it may be out of our potential or our imaginations.This applies to me.My birth as poet was situation based,but the situation was not a right one for a new poet to start with.A garden,a beautiful scenery,a mountain with river flowing by,etc could generate right thoughts for a new poet's birth..
But for offbeat people wonders happens at places and time unimaginable.I may be considered in those exceptional cases where a new idea/thought was forced to develop because of the situation and taking its advantage a new creation happens.
It was a sad evening for three friends in the medical boys hostel,2nd floor,room no-26.An open bottle of Sprite,3 half filled plastic glasses and 3 paper plates with Hyderabadi biryani on the reading table of Gova 's room.The sad atmosphere originated from the story narrated by him.The other two friends-Ram and myself,were sympathetically sad.They had to leave their cool drinks and biryani half eaten as a part of 'friend sadness ethics'.Gova was in love with a girl for four years and now because of his carefree attitude his story turned into an 'automatic break-up'.She ended their relation just by marrying someone else leading to an 'automatic break-up'.
We had never seen Gova 's sad emotions on his smiling face.As we were facing it for the 1st time me and Ram looked at each other 's face in confusion.Ram was good at handling such emotionally clad situations.So he started his sympathy speech with few pats in between on Gova 's back.For the first few minutes I hummed to the logical soothing sentences of Ram to Gova.But my thoughts dint allow me to sit quietly.I took a pen and paper and decided to scribble something to escape the eye contact with Ram.
As I started scribbling,a new idea emerged from one corner of my crazy mind.An idea to write a poem on the love story of my friend.I started penning down the all parts of my friend's sad love story and ended up generating my 1st poem.I read out my poem to Gova and Ram and they dint feel like appreciating it in this gloomy situation..
So an unusual situation made me a poet.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I have a story to tell !

It has been long I handcuffed my pen,which is like a suicide to an author.Only a writer or a poem can understand the ugliest guilt he would have felt for not lifting his pen and paper.This condition kills a writer within,he gets frustrated at himself..even I think this may be a reason for suicide among writers(which is very rare).

But let us keep aside my 'personal philosophy' and begin a new journey..and I hope you all will hold my hand during this roller-coaster ride.

I am a poet basically and writing blogs is to add some sense and background to my poetry.Sometime the words used by a poet are so simple to understand but it the readers extract a different meaning to it according to their mood,nature,education and situation.And  the real experience and beauty of a poem can only be enjoyed when a reader steps into the thoughts of the poet.For this to happen it requires two humans to think alike and it is a rare phenomenon.

So to understand the depth of a poem,a poet must simulate the scene of his poem.This may be done by a brief introduction to the 'birth of poem' or tagging the 'imaginative story'/'real story' based on which he composed his poem.

Some poet believe that explaining a poem to his readers will reveal the secrets and real beauty of poetry.But I think there is always a story behind each poem.And knowing that 'behind the scene' story makes the reader experience each and every word of the poem.

So through my blogs I will try to pen down my stories behind each of my poem.So keep following.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello everyone,
I have been so eager to share this beautiful part of my life but my creator,RAJ,so called busy these days never allowed himself to sit before laptop and spare an hour for me.i feel pity not only on my friends but on all other “non-living things”(this is the name given to us by some bloody human) who never gets a mediator to express themselves.contradictory to human knowledge on all “non-living things”,we have lot more things and experiences to share,with not even a single page of rubbish or non-sense things unlike the so called “civilized humans”.but only few lucky guys like me gets chance to express their “beautiful story” via mediator like RAJ(thats why I love him from heart even though rough at mouth).
Hey I think we got diverted from the actual story.hmmm…ya got it.
RAJ got busy with his studies and never talked with me for many days.i thought that my end was near and was crying on my fate.everyone has some dreams,some goals,some desires,some expectation and a  desire to have long life,so I do.but sensing the death around me I lost all hopes,on God and also on RAJ.
But some important events of life happen without least expectation and they change your life.and I consider this event(the turning point)as the most memorable and sweetest part of my life.
One day RAJ read poem of a junior in his college magazine.he liked the poem so much and decided to talk with that he messaged her through facebook and after two or three days he got reply from her on his mobile.RAJ came to know about her and read the beautiful poems written by her.this friend(SHRUTI) and her poetry inspired him so much and he got transformed into a poet.the outer shell over his talent was uncovered by her.she came as light into his dark path and showed the way ahead.she transformed his life.
Now RAJ with his creativity and inspiration of his friend started a long journey into the “world of poetry”.into the world of imagination and creation,into the world of positive now with his new poem,a new member was added to my family,a new thought to the world and a new friend to the literary world.i now discussed with my fellow beings,the situation under which they came to this world and the message they have in store.we all were so happy to be on this world,to be a part of RAJ’s life,to express the feelings into words and to make someone happy when they read us.
So guys if we poems can express our life story then why not you..pick up a pen or sit on your laptop and start expressing that this world have a new story to know..
Yours loving,

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The hardship of the journey...

hello everyone,

the following few days after my birth i was so excited and happy.but my excitement and happiness did not last longer to my expectation.i prepared a big list of "to-do" in the coming days.but i never thought that my all dreams would be shattered in a short period of time.

i have decided to visit so many people to be read by them,to get into their heart and make them feel the "heavenly world" of poetry,to make them smile for a moment,making them to think different above the daily boring routine,to make them realise the "real beauty" of life around,to evoke their sleeping soul from one corner of their body,to share the talent of my creator-RAJ and in the end to pass on a small message to the world..

but only i could get into the hands of few friends of RAJ and the effect on them was not so impressive.the dreams of mine and RAJ's were reduced to a silly joke..we both were so nervous and sad for this kind of response and a poor start..

the coming few days i had to sit in the old,1999 diary of RAJ..ideally,just smelling the odour of old paper the diary.even a layer of dust formed on the brown cover..RAJ was busy with his college life and was again happy with the fun and his friend circle,aborting the idea of writing poetry.

i thought will die alone without any friends,without moving out of this diary,without getting shared and without getting published.i thought RAJ's creative mind is taken aback and would never rise and he will atlast throw me into any of rubbish dust-bin..NO..NO..I CANT BEAR THIS..I CANT ALLOW RAJ'S TALENT TO MEET THIS DEADLY FATE..THERE SHOULD BE A WAY OUT..

and finally an interesting twist came into my and RAJ's changed the remaing part of my life story..infact it created a new story of my life..

so guys keep your fingers crossed for that interesting twist of my life..will be back with my story..

yours loving-mr.poem.

Friday, 10 June 2011

My b'day...

I think i dont remember the exact day when i was born neither do my creator RAJ knows(because he is poor in remembering dates,except b'days of few best friends,family members and some cute gals).But the events and the night leading to my birth on this beautiful world is quiet interesting and filled with emotions..

it was as usual boring and dull evening in one of the room of RAJ's college hostel.three boys were in different posture formed the part of the junk in the so called "medical boys hostel" room.RAJ was sitting on the 3and1/2 legged plastic chair.the other two were his best buddies in was busy messaging someone and the other(the guy because of him i was created) was lying on the bed with gloomy face and motionless body.he was muttering some words(bad words starting with f) in anguish and sadness.RAJ tried to talk with him but he narrated a part of his story and regained his previous posture.

RAJ gathered the remaining story from his "mobile addicted" friend.finally RAJ came to know that it is a case of "love failure".

now RAJ the real story starts..RAJ tried to understand the whole story,tried to feel the deep emotions of his friend,dived the depth of this love his thoughts mixed with the deep emotions,as his head imagined the situation of the story,as he allowed his heart and mind to meet...a new creature evolved out of nowhere..

it was not with flesh and bones..neither had beginning nor was not visible but can be felt,can be imagined,can be loved,can be sung,can be talked,can be written,can be modified,can be understood,can be an inspiration,can be enjoyed,can be correlated and so on...IT WAS ME..A NEW POEM ON THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD..FINALLY I AM BORN..HURRAY!!!

i know the situation under which i was born is very awkward and sad..but the two person had a great reason to celebrate that gloomy nite of RAJ's friend..ME and RAJ..people say na"some sad situation has something beautiful in it,only we require a different angle to look at it"..

i never expected that i would come out so unexpectedly from the "busy mind" of RAJ..but i was so happy and see the wonderful world and people share my beautiness and message to the meet my fellow poems and their creators..i thank RAJ from whole heartedly for creating me and also giving me a chance to express my just a small message to the beautiful people here "express your stories,express your thoughts,express your feelings...atleast one or two people may like it".

your loving-mr.poem

at last i am here...

at last i am here.i hve been waiting for this moment past 2 creator was a lazy bugger(please read it slowly,otherwise he may delete this post).i was waiting in the 1999 leather bond, old diary of RAJ(his actual name is rajendra patel,but he write RAJ under his poems thinking it will look cool..he sucks) like a young girl who wish to see the new world outside.

i along with my fellow poems were lying in this old diary of him..some got chance to be read by few of his classmates(even for this he felt like flying in sky)..some even got chance to get published on facebook..there they were lucky to be read by few more people..even got appreciation in the form of likes and comments..the entire fame was taken away by "greedy RAJ"..

so then i discussed the matter with my fellow poems and suggested them to go on strike..on fast unto death..start a freedom fight..because this idiotic RAJ,who calls himself poet with his studies will never allow us to be into the outside be get read by other poetic meet other fellow "poem friends" of the world..

as we were now determined to go on the "freedom fight of poetry liberation" this RAJ some how came to know about our plans..he diagnosed something wrong in our behaviour(as all doctors have suspecting eye) he consulted the weakest member of our team and gathered the information on this tight situation..

he called a meeting,invited all the poems written by him and came to a conclusion after thinking long that he will share our story on the internet through blogs..he will take out his time from his study schedule and post our story..

finally a smile ran on all faces of my poem friends..they were happy and excited to get published and share their stories on the net..

so this is our beginning towards a long journey now we thank RAJ for his kindness shown to us..we will be meeting with you all in near future with our interesting stories..

your lovely-mr.poem